Altun Ha (Rockstone Pond)


Altun Ha

Kinich ahaw Temple


Altun Ha (Rockstone water) was first settled somewhere around 250 BC, with construction of the buildings sometime around 100 AD.Continuing throughout the Classic period, that ended in the 10th century. It’s a small but surprisingly rich major ceremonial center, occupied during the Classic Period. Altun Ha was an ancient Maya community of great complexity, a wealthy ceremonial center and was a significant trading point as well.Evidenced has shown, large amounts of jade and obsidian excavated here in the early sixties and seventies.



The site boasts two main plazas, thirteen structures (including the Temple of Sun God or the Temple of the Masonry Altars). At its peak, the population of Altun Ha and the surrounding area ranged between 8,000-10,000 inhabitants. Around 3,000 people lived in the central core of the city. The site was first recorded in the 1960s by Archaeological Commissioner, A.H. Anderson. Between the years of 1964 and 1970. The site includes at least 500 visible structures or mounds. The Jade Head representing the Sun God was the most significant find which is approximately six inches high and weighing nine and three quarter pounds.



Altun Ha is approximately six miles from the Caribbean Sea. Thirty-one miles just north of Belize City. The site forms part of a unique cultural zone along with other coastal sites. Altun Ha is an all-day tour, which leaves as early as 6:00 AM  from San Ignacio Town and returns to town around 4:00 PM. Drive time is about 2.5 hours from San Ignacio, driving on the George Price Highway and Philip Goldson Highway passing through several small rural villages.

Level of Difficulty: Easy – Moderate

What to wear: Comfortable clothing light weight clothing for hiking around site and Proper foot wear is recommended.

What to bring: Bug repellent, sunscreen,hats,sunglasses and cameras.

What is included: Lunch,water,sodas,snacks, guide, entrance fees, and transportation