Barton Creek Cave Kayaking


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Located in the central Cayo District, Barton Creek is accessible from the village of Georgeville. In addition to the natural beauty of the Barton Creek Cave, the site has many cultural remains left in the cave by the ancient Maya. Artifacts, hearths, modified cave formations and human skeletons were deposited on cave ledges as part of the ritual activities. Archaeological investigations found that the Maya began utilizing the site some 1,800 years ago, during the Early Classic Period (around AD 250). During the Late Classic period ritual activity in the case increased substantially but eventually terminated around AD 900. Although Barton Creek Cave is several kilometers long, cultural remains have only been found within the first kilometer. This kilometer has ten ledges with evidence of Maya activity.

Barton Creek Cave Kayak

Barton Creek is a half-day tour departing San Ignacio at 8:00 AM and returning to town around 2:00 PM. Drive time to Barton Creek is about 1.5 hours in which we drive along the George Price Highway until we reach the village of Georgeville. We drive about three miles south on the Chiquibul road then east for about five miles through a Mennonite Community. The site has restrooms and changing rooms.


Level of Difficulty: Easy

What to wear: Comfortable clothing for kayaking.

What to bring: Extra clothes, bug repellent, swimwear and water-proof cameras

What is included: Transportation, Lunch, guide, entrance fees, and equipment’s