Cerros/Santa Rita Mayan Ruins


Cerros & Santa Rita


Cerros is located on the shore of Corozal Bay with parts of the site still under forest coverage and panoramic view of the bay below. Cerros was occupied in the Late Pre-classic period and underwent several modifications in the Classic Period. The site was an important trading center based for importation of jade and obsidian. Cerro Maya Archaeological site comprises 52.62 acres.Two structures are known to possess facades with two to four meters (6.5-13ft) high masks. The tallest structure rises above 22 meters (72ft). Tombs and ball-courts have been excavated and the artifacts found within them attest to the importance of the site.

SANTA RITA is located on the outskirts of Corozal Town, its just off the main road leading to the Mexican Border. The site isSanta Rita bordered on the east by the sea and is situated on a limestone plateau which is typical for the northern part of Belize. Santa Rita is situated on an important trade route that ran along the length of the Caribbean Coast. Being close to the Rio Hondo and New Rivers allowed access to inland Mayan centers such as Lamanai and others in Peten. Santa Rita was particularly known for its production of high quality cacao, marine products, achiote, honey and vanilla were exported to its neighbors in northwestern Belize, the Peten and Northern Yucatan regions. The site was first settled by Maya farmers around 1,000 BC.

Cerros/Santa Rita is an all-day which includes an over-night stay in Corozal. Departing 7:00 AM from San Ignacio Town. We travel on two of our main highways – George Price Highway (San Ignacio to Belize City) and Philip Goldson Highway (Belize City to Corozal). Drive time to Corozal is approx: five hours enjoying, history and the beautiful scenery of the country, as we drive from west of Belize to the north. Upon arrival to Cerros, we spend 2 hours learning about the history and archaeology of the site. We can even enjoy the view of the Caribbean Sea at the site (perfect for pictures). Making our way back to Corozal, we spend a well-earned night’s rest. Rising to a beautiful sunrise, we make our way to Santa Rita Archaeological Site. Coming back, we also take a short visit to the Belize Zoo and we see animals that have come from far and near.


Level of Difficulty: Easy – Moderate

What to wear: Comfortable clothing for hiking around site. Proper foot wear is recommended.

What to bring: Extra clothes for over-night, bug repellent, sunscreen, cameras and/or hats/sunglasses.

What is included: Transportation,Lunch, dinner , breakfast, guide, entrance fees, and accommodation