Mountain Pine Ridge Tour


Mountain Pine Ridge

Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, is a 106,838 acre, located in western Cayo District.It is covered in about 60% pine forest , 37% broad-leaf forest and grassland.Established in 1944 for the preservation and management of Belize’s pine forest.


Thousand Foot Falls


The Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve provides cool temperatures and magnificent natural monuments. Within  the pine forests you will find sites such as the largest waterfall in Belize thousand Foot Falls (1,600ft), as well as Rio Frio Cave a quarter mile-long caving system. Birds you can spot ,the acorn Woodpeckers are busy around D’Silva Forest Station causing great aggravation by hammering buildings, guttering and telegraph poles. Their habit of storing acorns in tree stumps will be familiar to visitors from North America, but for some reason, the Belizean ones do it as well, even though there’s no harsh winter to survive. Other specialties include the Rufus-capped Warbler, Cross bill, Pine Sis kin, Stygian Owl and Eastern Bluebird. If you visit between autumn and spring, you may also see the Hepatic Tanager and Chipping Sparrow. Raptors cruise the valleys of the Pine Ridge, and it’s the most likely place in Belize to see Orange breasted Falcons.


Rio On Pools,in the Mountain Pine Ridge, is made up of a number of small cascading pools, it is just before the Douglas D’ Silva Forest Station.listening to the soothing sounds of cascading small waterfalls making their way into crystal clear pools connected by natural water slides or simply enjoy the breathtaking scenery. from the parking and picnic area you can get a great view of the area. you can choose to relax on  some of the large granite boulders. Enjoy swimming in crystal clear pools , with a 5ft tall water fall where you can get a shoulder and back massage.

Rio Frio Cave




Mountain pine ridge forest reserve is considered to be the oldest land surface in Central America. Belize largest cave entrance , the 65 foot arched entrance with huge stalactite hanging from this massive cave , while exploring the cave you come across very large boulders .A small stream flows through this cave, with several pools great to take a dip on a hot day.

Big Rock Waterfalls


This is a stunning water fall,(60ft Tall) with two natural swimming pools,excellent spot for a picnic and great to take a dip on a hot day.

1,000 Feet Water Fall


Get to see the longest and Tallest water falls in Belize and Central America,with spectacular views of the Mountain Pine Ridge and the Maya Mountains,in some occasions you can spot large Birds of Prey such as the King Vultures,Orange Breasted Falcons,Great White Hawks etc.


Level of Difficulty: Easy

What to wear: Comfortable clothing for hiking at site. Proper footwear is recommended. Swimwear can be worn for swimming at pools.

What to bring: Bug repellent, sunscreen, cameras, hats/sunglasses

What is included: Transportation, lunch, guide, entrance fees, and towels