Lamanai (Submerged Crocodile)


Temple Lamanai

Lamanai is located on the western shore of the New River lagoon, it is near the village of Indian Church in the Orange Walk District. Lamanai has the longest known history of occupation in the Maya area, which was first settled around 900 BC. The Spaniards arrived around 1544 and they found a vibrant and thriving community whom were still practicing many of their ancient traditions. The Spaniards dominated Lamanai for almost 100 years but in 1640 the Maya at Lamanai rebelled. They renounced their Christian beliefs, burned the church and allied themselves with the people of Tipu. The site has eight major plazas or groups of large structures that make up its central core. At the north end of the site center there is a huge platform supporting several large buildings that stand 28 meters high, Adjacent to this complex is an ancient harbor.




Lamanai is an all-day tour which departs San Ignacio Town as early as 6:30 AM and returns back to townaround 5:00 PM. We have a 3 hour drive to the site via the George Price Highway. We would take a boat out to the western shore of the New River Lagoon, near the village of Indian Church in the Orange Walk District.At the site, there is a visitor’s center that has information about the site and as well as restrooms and giftshops. We spend  about 2 hours at the site learning and immersing ourselves in the history and archaeology of the site.


Mask Temple


Level of Difficulty: Easy -Moderate

What to wear: Comfortable clothing for hiking around site. Proper foot wear is recommended.

What to bring: Bug repellent, sunscreen, cameras and/or hats/sunglasses.

What is included: Transportation,Lunch, guide, and entrance fees.