Chiquibul Overnight


Min – 4 persons – Max -8 persons 1night-2-Days $295us/pp

Join us on 1 night 2 days Adventure Package.Departing San Ignacio at 7am. Driving through the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. The reserve is predominantly pine forest, primarily Honduras Pine, Pinus caribae. But with a significant broadleaf forest component.

The majority of the reserve is situated on a granite massif, with some areas of limestone in the west of the reserve. The elevation of the reserve averages between 400 and 700 m, with the highest point being Baldy Beacon at 1,017 m (3,336 ft), and dropping to 120 m (394 ft) at the lowest point on the Macal River.

After driving for the past 2 hr, we then arrive at Caracol the Largest Maya site in Western Belize. Tour lasts for approximately 2hrs. After.

lunch, our guide will provide you with a brief introduction base on our next trip to L.C.R.S. for a Sunset tour, an overnight at Las Cuevas Research Station (LCRS). On-site activities,  Nature walk, Ecology, botany, wildlife, Birding, and Conservation. The following day, at 5 am hike to the observation tower, to enjoy the sound of nature and for an amazing sunrise tour. After breakfast, we prepare for the day, hiking through the lush Jungle, spotting different species of bird, such as parrots, toucan, tanagers, Jay’s warblers, Mot-mot, and large birds of prey, Flora, and fauna in the Chiquibul forest reserve. After spending a couple of hours in this untouched Jungle, it will be time to hike back to the station, where we pack all luggage and drive back to San Ignacio.


This tour is designed for Couples, Families, Friends, Student Groups, and for anyone who wishes to enjoy and experience a bit of nature.


  • Camera , Binoculars
  • Extra Clothing for the Night
  • Sun Screen, Bug Repellent
  • Bird Book
  • Swim Wear
  • Head-Lamps
  • Personal Medication
  • Hiking Shoe

Chiquibul Nature & Wildlife Expedition Package


(2 nights – 3days package)

Chiquibul National Park was originally part of the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, which was designated in 1956. In 1991, due to lobbying from conservationists, three-quarters of the forest reserve that did not have active logging concessions was re-designated as a national park under Belize’s National Parks System Act.


The Chiquibul National Park is Belize’s largest protected area covering more than 289,000 acres of protected jungle centered in the middle of the entire country of Belize.The Chiquibul’s landscape includes the Vaca Plateau to the north and to the extreme south, the Maya Mountains.

Doyle’s Delight, the highest mountain in Belize, is located in the park. The park is located on a layer of limestone strata, the largest area of protected karsts in Belize. The park harbors the Chiquibul Cave System, the longest known cave system in Central America.


The park has high biodiversity including the keel-billed motmot. It is found in Belize and its natural habitats are tropical or subtropical moist lowland forests.





BZM Tours’ Naturalist Guides will take you to experience the magic of this great untouched jungle waiting to be explored. Join us and be part of our greatest expedition to encounter the wildest side of Belize where you and nature come together. When you book this tour with us, you will be protecting the endangered Scarlet Macaws and their young ones and the rest of the wildlife right in their natural habitat.

We have designed this special package together with managers of this wilderness area to meet nature lovers, birders to enjoy and be part of Belize’s largest protected area. On this trip, you will have the opportunity of observing the largest birds of prey in the Americas, such as the BLACK AND WHITE EAGLE, scavengers such as the KING VULTURE, and 80% chances of seeing an elusive JAGUAR, TAPIRS, HOWLER, AND SPIDER MONKEYS. Unexcavated Mayan site, panoramic views of the tropical jungle, with birds of all kinds in their natural habitat and so many species of trees.

Chiquibul Expedition – 3 DAYS AGENDA         Level of DifficultyModerate


  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Extra Clothing (long pants/long sleeve, good hiking shoes, personal sleeping bag)
  • Sun Screen
  • Bug Repellent
  • Bird Book
  • Swim Wear
  • Head-Lamps
  • Personal Medication
  • Water Shoes