Cave Tubing/Zip-Lining


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    Cave Tubing & Zip-line


    Cave Tubing is a fun and relaxing day  tour and refers to a small part of the vast Caves Branch River Cave System, a segment of the Caves Branch River that flows continuously through 5 different caves.


    The river flows through the cave system,into  an open cathedral, with some amazing cave formation.


    This 5 cave system is the only one where the river-caves form unbroken tunnels that you can float right through. From the entrance of the first cave to the exit of the last cave is approximately 4.5 miles (7km).



    With Over 2,700 feet of zip-line comprised of runs and platforms that take you over and through the jungle. Breath-taking views that the forest canopy provide, and a memorable experience that only Belize’s Rain forest can offer.Exhilarating and exciting experience through the jungle in a high-flying manner.


    Cave-tubing is a half-day tour which starts around 8:00 AM and returns to town around 2:00 PM. The drive is about 1.5 hours from San Ignacio Town.


    At the parking area there is a picnic area, rest rooms and changing rooms.There is a 45 minutes hike through a broad-leaf,secondary  sub- tropical forest. You with learn about Mayan medicinal plants and their uses. We go through 4 caves – 2 dry caves and 2 wet caves. Relax on your inner tube as you free float. Immerse yourself as our guide points out various formation within the cave and shares his knowledge of the history of the cave.

    Level of Difficulty: Easy

     wear : Swimwear can be worn for tubing. Water-shoes are recommended. Shorts and t-shirt for zip-lining.

     bring: Bug repellent, sunscreen, and waterproof cameras

    What is included: Transportation, lunch, guide, entrance fees, equipment, and towels

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