Rio On Pools

  • March 13, 2015

Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve : (Rio On Pools)

Are beautiful and glorious waterfalls. A home of natural water slides and amazing waterfalls, this is definitely a marvelous interaction with nature. Whether you are trying to find a place to cool off after an adventurous Archaeological site tour or just finding a place to relax;  a trip here is definitely a great place to be.  Enjoy the views of the waterfalls making their journey over huge rocks, spilling into cool surrounding pools.  The smooth and comfortable water-worn rocks, begging to be sunbathed upon. Spend the day swimming in cool and refreshing waters in the nearby pools or simply relax under the pouring waters from the dark granite above.

In addition, enjoy the fresh and sweet smell and cool breeze from the  Pine Trees surrounding all around. Anyone can take photos and view this spectacle of nature, regardless of their fitness level. Therefore this is truly bliss, a place for all travelers.