Tikal Adventure Tour Package

Experience a 3 night 4 days tour package to Tikal the largest archaeological site of the pre-columbian Mayan civilization. Tikal derived from Yucatec Maya Language.There are thousands of ancient structures at the site and only a fraction of these have been excavated. The most prominent surviving buildings include six very large pyramids, labeled Temples I – VI, each of which support a temple structure on their summits. Some of these pyramids are over 60 metres high (200 feet). They were numbered sequentially during the early survey of the site. It is estimated that each of these major temples could have been built in as little as two years, the tallest structure is Temple IV- measuring 70 meters (230 ft) from the plaza floor.

Temple 1 Tikal

Also take a tour of  Barton Creek Cave  ,a remote cave once used by the ancient Maya as a burial site, yet an attractive caving option to experience it either on Kayaks or a canoe. The site has many cultural remains left by the ancient Maya.

Cave formation

Artifacts, hearths, modified cave formations and human skeletons were deposited on cave ledges as part of the ritual activities. Our next visit is  Green Hills Butterfly Ranch the largest butterfly Ranch and Botanical Collection in Belize. With flocks of butterflies, from brilliant blue to gorgeous orange, dazzling yellow to intriguing gray, fly freely in a 3,300 sq. ft, beautifully landscaped Flight Area. This package has been prepared especially for you to enjoy a bit of  nature, including caving and ancient Maya site.

Blue Morpho

Adventure Begin:
Day 1Pickup at the airport or water taxi and transfer to hotel or resort of your choice.Day 2Visit Tikal archaeological site.Day 3Barton Creek and Green Hills Butterfly Ranch.Day 4Drop off at the airport or in Belize city with stop at the Belize zoo.
What’s included:
Package includes: guide, entrance fees, lunch,transportation and equipments. Hotel accommodations not included.
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